The W70N is a modified solution developed especially for the nuclear industry.

All components that could not be replaced with bespoke machined stainless steel are sealed under tough layers of protective epoxy.

Replacing these items with a heavier material did increase the weight, but ensures the unit floats just below the waters surface whist the cleaner is switched off.

The almost neutral buoyancy is a necessity in the nuclear environment, as any water spray may pose an increased health hazard from creating airborne contamination.

A lifting hoop sits above the extended brushes to allow easy removal and transfer using overhead cranes.

The extended brushes enable the scum line to be cleaned whilst the machine remains safely under the surface of the water. When the pump is started, the cleaner moves gently toward the wall and sucks itself tightly against the surface.

From here the unit can be driven up, down and along the wall using the hard wired remote control.

The brush and driving functions are isolated and work independently, allowing the cleaner to be moved into position before operating the powerful brushes and even remain stationary, allows the brushes to maximise the cleaning results.

And had resulted in significant reduction in contamination levels.


Weight in air: 60 kg
Weight in water: approx. 0.5 kg
Dimensions: 860 x 600 x 300 mm
Suction capacity: 1200 litres per minute
Suction width: 600 mm
Speed: Variable 0.2 – 0.4 meters per second
Mains voltage: 3 Phase 50 Hz 400v