Weda CS600

The CS600 has been designed for cleaning applications which demand a strong and rugged cleaner capable of handling large volumes of sand and mud, making it ideal for cleaning catch ponds in sewage works and other similar ponds with particles up to 15mm diameter.

The CS600 is totally submersible which means the machine can be used whilst the tank or pond remains in service.

An on board video camera help the operator guide the vehicle as well as observing the cleaning process. The rotating brush in the front will detach the sediment and move it towards the pump inlet. The CS600 pump is very powerful and designed to withstand large volumes of sand.

A specially designed wheel and track system with PVC pads enables free movement of the cleaner in the sediment without becoming stuck.

The CS600 is remote controlled with either a wired or radio remote control.


Weight: 62 Kg
Dimensions: 740 x 630 x 360 mm
Suction width: 600 mm
Suction capacity: Variable up to 1200 litres per minute
Speed: 0.2 meters per second
Mains voltage: 3 Phase 50 Hz 400v
Power consumption: 2.3 kW
Maximum Depth: 35m