Weda VR600

Traditional cleaning processes mean that drinking-water reservoirs had to be emptied and manually cleaned using high pressure lances. Then thoroughly sterilised and rinsed before being put back into service.

Divers have also been used but is often considered too dangerous and costly due to the extensive health & safety requirements.

Such downtime creates major disruption to the water supply network.

Emptying a reservoir is time consuming, costly and manual cleaning is labour intensive.

The VR-600 was designed to clean effectively without having to shut down the reservoir and without health and safety implications of sending personnel down into the reservoir.

The VR-600 is remote controlled and equipped with rotating brushes and a powerful pump that directly pumps out all loosened sediment and debris without raising the turbidity within the reservoir.

Equipped with a moveable video camera facilitates the inspection and assessment of the inside of the reservoir and allows for video taping capabilities.


Weight: 82 Kg
Dimensions: 735 x 595 x 400 mm (24″ manhole accessible)
Suction width: 600 mm
Suction capacity: variable up to 1200 litres per minute
Speed: Variable 0 – 0.4 meters per second depending on sediment depth
Mains voltage: 3 Phase 50 Hz 400v
Power consumption: 2.3 Kw