Piraya Pool Cleaner

Introducing the Piraya Pool Cleaner

Our latest and smallest automatic pool cleaner

The simple, robust and uncomplicated design also means that the
Piraya pool bottom cleaner is easy to maintain and use.

The fast rotating brushes & 800 litres per minute suction ensures a thorough
pool cleaning, fitted with a standard floating cable length 40 metres.

Cleaning 50m pools in around three hours & 25m pools in around an hour.

Technical Data

Weight in air: 15 Kg
Weight in water: 10 Kg
Dimensions: 630 x 410 mm
Suction width: 630 mm
Suction capacity: 800 litres per minute
Speed: 0.2 metres per second
Mains voltage: Single Phase 50Hz 230v & 110v on request
Operating voltage: <30 VDC
Manufactured in Södertälje, Sweden