Weda B480

The automatic pool cleaner for fast and efficient cleaning of medium sized swimming pools.

All impurities removed from the pool bottom by the brushes are then sucked by the pump into the filter bags.

Equipped with remote control for automatic and/or manual cleaning.

The unit speed is 0.3m/s with a suction width of 500mm.

The Weda B480 features a wireless radio remote control and timer allowing manual and/or unattended cleaning.

In fully automatic mode the B480 will methodically work its way across the whole floor of the pool.

However, the user can still direct the cleaner using the radio remote control into the hard to access areas, and spot cleaning.

Available for use with single phase 240v 50Hz AC power supply only, with an operating voltage of 42v for maximum safety.

All Weda products meet the demands of the EC declaration of conformity for machines and electrical equipment.

This is warranted by the CE mark.

Technical Data

Weight in air: 35 Kg
Weight in water: 12 Kg
Dimensions: 900 x 500 x 300 mm
Suction width: 500 mm
Suction capacity: 650 litres per minute
Speed: 0.3 meters per second
Power supply: Single Phase 50Hz 230v
Power consumption: 1.3kW
Manufactured in Södertälje, Sweden